Key Accomplishments

  • Complete revamp of e-commerce checkout flow
  • Scaled e-commerce checkout flow, analytics, reporting, dashboard, and API from thousands to millions
  • Authored White Paper on Automated Testing Best Practices
  • Hired, onboarded, and mentored numerous new hires to scale engineering team

Selected Examples of Professional Projects

  • API
  • E-commerce checkout and exchange flows
  • Automated email service
  • Storefront and checkout flow self-customizations
  • Financial reporting
  • Analytics pipelines
  • Intercom-style storefront JS widgets

Personal Projects

twitter-labs-api Ruby gem

A Ruby gem implementing a basic Twitter Labs API client.

Built with Ruby and the Twitter Labs API

Friends Dashboard

A dashboard for viewing local time, current and forecast weather, and news headlines for international cities.

Built with React, Mobx, OpenWeatherMap, Frappe Charts, and Google Cloud

Integrative Patient Advocacy

A professional homepage for a health and wellness patient advocacy provider.

Built with Bootstrap 4 and Google Cloud