Key Accomplishments

  • Complete revamp of e-commerce checkout flow
  • Scaled e-commerce checkout flow, analytics, reporting, dashboard, and API from thousands to millions
  • Authored White Paper on Automated Testing Best Practices
  • Hired, onboarded, and mentored numerous new hires to scale engineering team

Professional Projects

Highlighted Work

  • API
  • E-commerce checkout and exchange flows
  • Automated email service
  • Storefront and checkout flow self-customizations
  • Financial reporting
  • Analytics pipelines
  • Intercom-style storefront JS widgets

Drinkies Rewards

To grow it's new alcohol delivery service in SE Asia, Heineken recognized the need to increase customer loyalty. Together with Goodwerk we collaborated to design, develop, and deploy a rewards program for frequent shoppers, Drinkies Rewards.

Built with Rails, Docker, PostgreSQL, Heroku, and Doorkeeper

Pacific Patient Advocacy

A professional homepage for a health and wellness patient advocacy provider.

Built with Bootstrap 4, Middleman, and Google Cloud

Personal Projects (in progress)

A social media managment platform that allows users to create content, share it via one or more social media accounts, and analyze engagement across platforms.

Built with Rails, Docker, PostgreSQL, Twitter Labs API, Facebook Graph API, and Google Cloud

media-downloader Deno CLI tool

A CLI tool for downloading linked media from web pages.

Built with Deno

twitter-labs-api Ruby gem

A Ruby gem implementing a basic Twitter Labs API client.

Built with Ruby and the Twitter Labs API

Friends Dashboard

A dashboard for viewing local time, current and forecast weather, and news headlines for international cities.

Built with React, Mobx, OpenWeatherMap, Frappe Charts, and Google Cloud